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Property Investing with L5 Investments.

Why L5 Investments?

Investments that don't follow the crowd.

Trust & Track Record

Flexible investment minimums

Hands on approach

Relationships come first

Personal touch


Property Investment Criteria.

A look at our Nationwide portfolio by the numbers

Why Multifamily 

Apartments are the #1 risk adjusted, inflation adjusted cash flow stream

Lower risk profile relative to other real estate and alternative investments

Continued rising demand for rental housing due to demographic trends
Limitations in housing supply and rising costs of homeownership
Superior financing terms for multifamily acquisitions
Stability across economic cycles
Ownership of tangible assets
Tax benefits
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the-tides-on-5th-tempe-az-building-photo (1)

  • How do I become an L5 investor?
    To become an L5 investor you must complete the following process: Complete our simple qualification form Schedule an introductory call with our founding principal Mike Flaherty We will then add you to our list of potential investors and you will begin receiving notifications for upcoming opportunities, market updates, and closing announcements.
  • How much can I invest?
    Investments range between $25,000 and $10M.
  • How do I learn more about upcoming opportunities?
    Once you complete the qualification form and upon review, you will begin receiving notification of investment opportunities via email. You will also be able to access our new opportunities page.
  • How do I let you know if I’m interested in investing in a deal?
    You can email us your level of interest and dollar amount. All investments are prioritized on a first come first serve basis.
  • How do I get updates on my investment?
    L5 Investments has a dedicated investor platform. This platform enables you to log in and review all of your investments and distributions in one convenient location 24/7. We email detailed quarterly updates outlining the progress of your investment. If you are an existing client you can log in here.
  • When will I get distributions?
    Distributions are sent quarterly upon the first full quarter of ownership.
  • What is your Track Record?
    We will forward this information upon completion of the qualification form.
  • Do you accept investments from foreign investors or U.S. Citizens living abroad?
    If you are not a U.S. citizen, but live and work in the U.S., you may be eligible to invest. Our investments are available to investors with a valid EIN#, TIN#, or SSN#. You’ll also need a U.S. bank account as well as a U.S. mailing address. We hope to be accessible to international investors in the future.
  • What am I investing in?
    You are investing in a Delaware LLC that controls the property. All investors are members of the LLC which is controlled by an OA approved by all investors. All investors receive their pro rata share of the depreciation and tax advantages.
  • What are the tax advantages vs the US Stock Market?
    The unique use of depreciation and cost segregation to accelerate depreciation capture produces the most favorable income tax treatments of any asset class. Provisions in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 effectively shelters all property income (and more) through the life of an investment.*

L5 Exits.

Measurable success since 2012. Providing accredited and sophisticated investors long-term capital appreciation. 
Investors receive a significant portion of their investment back in the form of cash distributions prior to the completion of projects in the form of quarterly dividends and tax-free refinance proceeds.
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Shawnee, KS

Renovations for Returns.

Value-add multifamily investing for community impact and return on investment.
Our approach is simple. We target highly productive markets with solid underlying fundamentals and projected future growth. 

Reserve at 77 Before and After 10-28-19_Page_23_edited

Reserve at 77 Before and After 10-28-19_Page_23_edited

Reserve at 77 Before and After 10-28-19_Page_23_edited

Reserve at 77 Before and After 10-28-19_Page_23_edited

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