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Helping Hands

L5 Gives Back

Give. Volunteer. Assist.
Owner/Founder of L5 Investments, Mike Flaherty is a Board Member of Kids Helping Kids and Advisor to the Board for Mychal’s Learning Place.

"Being a part of these organizations has truly been a fulfilling endeavor. I'm humbled by the kindness and determination of everyone involved in these amazing programs."

Mychal’s Learning Place provides the support, training and opportunities to youth and young adults with developmental disabilities to build their independence and pursue their goals and dreams.


Kids Helping Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation run entirely by junior and senior high school students in Sacramento, California. With the help of the original branch in Santa Barbara, the Sacramento organization was founded in 2012. Everything we accomplish, including this website, is completed by the work of high school students with the mentorship of generous individuals.

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